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An all-encompassing premier resource for committed lacrosse players to become the most successful players they can be. Our model has specifically been designed for the hard-working, committed, and passionate lacrosse player. We will build and sustain our success and deliver our model by always doing things the right way.



  • Coaching. The key separator at Fusion. We believe that a coach can monumentally not only affect a team's and players development but as importantly have an impact on their psyche, character, and confidence as well. With that knowledge, Fusion has built a staff that is fully equipped to mentor players through their whole youth careers on and off the field. First and foremost, Fusion has recruited coaches that are high character individuals, winners in life, and fiercely passionate about coaching and working with kids. Not only are we lucky enough to have those types of coaches on staff full time, but additionally we may also be the most decorated lacrosse club lacrosse coaches in the country.

  • Program Model. We believe that development for a 3rd and 4th grader is just as important as for a high school athlete. We have developed our model so that our core staff (with over 50 years of professional playing experience), coaches every team at every age group for every hour of training. We do not prioritize one age group over another and we do not outsource coaches. While we do have a comprehensive year-round practice schedule, we also only average one practice a week throughout the year, thus allowing players to play multiple sports and activities.

  • 24/7 Resources and Organization. Fusion lacrosse is a full-time job for most of us with our offices located in downtown West Chester PA. This allows us to optimize our organization and communication. We take tremendous pride in making this area of our organization elite. In order to deliver the necessary guidance in development and recruiting, we understand that this is a full time 24/7 duty to our families. We work day and night to deliver.

  • Specialization. Fusion remains small and specialized by design. We only have one team per age group and will not expand to include B teams at any point, at risk of diluting our product. This allows our ratios to remain strong and our product to always be delivered at an exceptional level.


X’s and O’s (Our Lacrosse Philosophy)

  • Year-Round. This does not mean you do not play other sports. In fact we insist that you do. To accommodate, we aim to only practice once a week (with some exceptions in the summer) as well as build in breaks in between seasons. We DO feel it is necessary to continue to train throughout the year if you truly want to excel in the sport of lacrosse. Our practices and the level of instruction are expertly delivered so the value you are getting from your time with us is optimal. We are not about simply putting hours in, we are focused on the quality of those hours. We also believe that the sport of lacrosse is exceptionally skill-driven (you are playing with a foreign object in your hands) and it simply takes tens of thousands of repetitions to become elite.

  • Focus on box lacrosse. Fusion got its name from the idea of fuzing box lacrosse and field Lacrosse training together to build a complete lacrosse athlete. As is now widely accepted, commitment to box lacrosse is an absolute developmental advantage. Playing box lacrosse is new to Americans, as it has been primarily played by Canadians. Fusion has the unique ability to deliver world-class box lacrosse instruction because so many of our coaches have played the game professionally. This also explains why we have so many Canadians on staff!

  • Team Play, Ball Movement. Frankly, we believe too many clubs focus on gathering the best talent they can at any given time and then only play a 1v1 style of game. Naturally, this develops one-dimensional lacrosse players while many of their teammates stand and watch. Inevitably 1v1 type players hit a wall at some point, as the talent gaps become smaller and smaller as their careers advance. We believe at Fusion that lacrosse is a ball movement sport, and when the ball is moving fast that is when the game is played at its best. There is a time and place for 1v1 dodging of course, but we mostly focus on team concepts, moving the ball, lacrosse IQ, and decision making as absolute focal points. We are building dynamic lacrosse players that can adapt to any situation on the field. We are building “coachable” players.


Coaching Style

  • Mutual commitment. Fusion has a built-in program model that if you make the team as a 3rd grader we will carry you until an open tryout in 6th grade. If you make the team as a 6th grader we will carry you until the 9th-grade open tryout. If you make the team as a 9th grader we will carry you through your high school career. If a player commits to us and competes hard at practice we will commit to them. We believe that our training model can make any player an asset to their teams. We want to see players develop and make huge strides in our program, period. We also understand the value of competing for roster spots periodically in 3rd, 6th, and 9th grade.

  • Challenging Honestly. Fusion coaches are all different types of leaders and role models and we believe thats an aspect that makes us a special organization. One consistent trait we all share, however, is we are honest and fair. We are critical when it comes to effort and coachability. If you are not working your hardest our players will consistently hear our displeasure over that. If you are not paying attention and not buying into the team concept you will be called out consistently. Our coaches are experienced and smart enough to understand that you reach different kids in different ways, but we specialize in getting kids to “buy in” become good listeners and hard workers. When a player is doing the right things we will reward that and players will feel it.

  • Complete Players and People. We take pride in connecting college coaches with our players that play the game the “Fusion Way”. In fact, players that have bought into our program are much easier to recruit and market to college coaches. A fusion player works hard and internally challenges himself. A fusion player is versatile thus enhancing the odds of fitting into the needs of a college program. A fusion player is smart and reliable, and ask any coach, those are the players that get on the field! Finally we love to be able to sell the idea that our players are “coachable”. The best players in the world are the ones who are always trying to learn something new about the game, listening to their coaches, watching game tape, and tirelessly working to turn their weaknesses into strengths. This is a lifelong pursuit and the challenging atmosphere at Fusion builds that into our players.

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