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Our Philosophy 

We want to rapidly grow the game of box lacrosse and help make Richmond, VA the lacrosse hotbed that we know it can be! Our practices are an hour long and appropriately spread out throughout the year allowing your son to participate in other sports and/or travel programs while not getting burned out- something we feel very strongly about as it recently has been hurting our game. We understand this is a big commitment and understand that with roughly 60 practices and 3-5 tournaments there will be schedule conflicts, we just ask that you communicate with us ahead of time and encourage everyone to truly do their best to attend everything.

Program Outline

Location: XL Sports World

Maple Leaf Kickoff-November 26 (Reading, PA)

Northeast Regional-January 7th-8th (Hatfield, PA)

East Coast Box Championships- Jan 14th-15th (Virginia Beach)

Best in Box-January 28th-29th (Hatfield, PA)

Founders Cup February 5th-6th (Reading, PA)

Fall: 8 Training/Practices
Winter: 14-16 Training/Practices
Spring: 18 Training/Practices
 10 Training/Practices

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What equipment do I need?

Helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, and a mouthpiece. As the game is more physical, a lot of players will get longer elbow pads to cover up more of their arms along with a slash guard, which covers the area from a player’s shoulder to the bicep. Rib protectors are also worn as well.

Does this interfere with other sports?

We intentionally scheduled it like this so it will not interfere with other sports. We encourage our players to participate in other sports as not only do they get better by playing basketball/football/soccer etc, but they also learn how to be a better teammate as one’s role on a lacrosse team may be different from one for a different sport.

How does the box game transition to the field game?

Huge focus on the 2-man game, up-tempo, more touches which improve stickwork, and frequency of contact thus getting players more comfortable with contact, movements/rotations, mentally and physically tougher, making decisions in tight spaces, and improved creativity.

If my kid wants to play goalie, will I have to buy goalie gear?

No, goalie gear will be provided! You will just need to make sure you bring your own cup!

What does my money go toward?

Reversible, game jersey, reserving turf time, tournament fees, paying coaches

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