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Penn*Lax – The most robust Box Lacrosse program in the region!

Penn*Lax All Stars brings together the regions BEST players and coaches for the winter box season and competes against elite box programs up and down the east coast.


Established in 2015, Penn*Lax has grown to teams at each age level and in 2019 introduced our first 7th and 8th grade girls program!


This year we look forward to continue to teach players how to play fast and in tight spaces, a cornerstone to on field success at higher levels.


Coaches from Fusion, Mesa, Brotherly Love, Freedom and HHH all come together to provide the best training and mentorship to our players, rivaling any program and staff in the country!



Penn*Lax 2022


Penn*Lax 2023


Penn*Lax 2024


Girls Penn*Lax 2023-2024


Girls Penn*Lax 2025-2026


Penn*Lax 2025


Penn*Lax 2026


Penn*Lax 2027


Penn*Lax 2028


Penn*Lax 2029-2030

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